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The Baltimore - Washington area is often viewed as a government dependent, one show region without an entrepreneurial backbone or spirit. This false perception has left the region unrecognized as a top tier business hub. But did you know that this is the Hospitality capital of the nation if not the world? A significant media hub not only in print but in television/cable and production that rivals New York and L.A.? A growing clothing and textile critical mass with some of the most recognized brand names? A financial diversity that touches all levels? Biotech rocked the stock market with headline growth in 2009 thanks to companies from the region. And even Google can trace its roots to the University of Maryland.

Metro Business Media, Inc is a locally based online publication focused on reporting the latest news and most importantly original business content about Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Metro Business Media will explore unique people, companies and topics that have gone unnoticed. Viewers will be able to view our content through the Metro Business Media website via video, articles and social media.

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